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  • Heavy-duty harness of selected genuine leather for GSD and Malinois training, attack, agitation, K9, police, military work. Incredibly strong and super comfortable. Used by Canine Units. Large chest plate. Wide leather straps. Nickel or brass hardware. Neck straps, breast and back plates are felt-lined. Adjustable. Maximum protection for the dog.

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  • Small leather harness for walking your German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois puppy. Absolutely safe. Very convenient. Gives exceptional comfort. Protects from overloads. Soft and flexible. Felt-lined chest and back plates. Carefully stitched. Rustproof details of brass. Upper D-ring for dog lead. Adjustable straps. Worthy alternative to dog collar!

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  • Harness of natural leather with felt-lined breast and back plates for German Shepherd, Malinois and similar breeds. Used for walking, training and work. No rubbing and skin irritation. Comfort and safety for the dog. Adjustable leather straps. Rustproof hardware of solid brass. Quick-release buckle. Fine stitching. Durable, stylish and convenient.

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  • Light-weighted but super durable leather harness for Malinois and German Shepherd. Intended for pulling, tracking, training, walking and work. Stitched with supported thread. Sound hardware of rustproof brass. Side D-rings are for pulling. Upper ring is for leash. Chest strap and back plate padded with felt. Quick-release buckle. Adjustable. Safe.

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  • Strong and lightweight harness of double-ply stitched leather for Malinois Shepherd and GSD. Perfect for everyday walks, training sessions and sport. Back plate is lined with felt. Leather straps are adjustable. Hardware is of rust-resistant brass. D-ring for leash. Quick-detach buckle. Intended for powerful dogs.

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  • Classic harness for everyday walks, training, sport and work. For GSD and Belgian Shepherds. Extra durable, reliable and pleasant to touch genuine leather. Allows your dog's skin to breathe. Soft thick felt padding on chest and back plates. Adjustable wide straps. Nickel-plated hardware is strong and rustproof. Quick-release buckle. Super comfy.

    103,50 €
  • Fashionable leather harness with spiked chest plate for stylish GSD and Malinois! Selected quality. Comfy construction. Safe for prolonged wearing. Lined with felt breast and back plates. Adjustable. Equipped with quick to release buckle. Nickel-plated hardware. Perfect for everyday walking!

    110,30 €
  • Reinforced leather harness for working Malinois and GSD. Luxury design. Sound hardware of brass. Soft padding. Fine stitching. Resists heavy loads. Quick-release buckle. Large chest plate. No rubbing and discomfort. Adjustable. D-ring for leash. Extra durable. Selected quality.

    110,20 €
  • Exclusive harness for Belgian Shepherd and GSD. Royal design and quality. Selected leather. Padded with Nappa. Brass hardware. Decorated with brass studs and a brooch on the chest plate. Stitched with supported thread. Quick-release buckle. Adjustable leather straps. Distributes loads evenly. Walking model.

    205,60 €
  • Designer leather harness in gladiator style for German Shepherd and Malinois walking. Very comfortable and safe. Extra durable. Handmade of thick genuine English leather. Decorated with brass studs chest plate. Rustproof brass fitments. Quick-release buckle. Soft lining. Fine stitching. Adjustable straps. Anatomic construction. Luxury look.

    110,30 €
  • Walking harness of unusual design and selected quality for Belgian Shepherd and GSD. Nickel-plated cones on chest plate look like jewels. Handcrafted of genuine leather. Durable, soft and hard-wearing. Pleasant to touch. No rough edges. Adjustable. Convenient. Safe. Rustproof hardware. Stitching. Quick-release buckle. Ideal for everyday calm walks.

    110,30 €
  • Specialized harness for GSD and Malinois, working as guide dogs. Genuine leather. Soft leather handle. Removable handle-frame with fixed position. "Guide Dog" sign patches on Velcro. Sound brass fitments. Quick-release buckle. Reflective front strap. Adjustable straps. Padded chest strap. Very comfortable for dog and convenient for handler.

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