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  • Practical, two-ply nylon collar for strong GSD, Malinois and other Shepherds. Durable collar that allows your dog even to swim in it. Can be worn on a daily basis. Classic design. Belt buckle to adjust the collar and D-ring to attach a leash. They are from nickel-plated steel. The collar will surely serve your canine for a great while!

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  • Everyday collar for German Shepherd and Malinois. Surprisingly easy to use. All-weather. Quick-release. Perfect for outdoor activities. Lightweight, easy to clean and extra strong nylon. Special plastic buckle with secure mechanism inside to put on, take off the collar with one click. Easily adjustable. Cast D-ring for a lead. Quality at low price!

    30,25 €
  • ID collar for GSD and Malinois safe walking and training. Double-ply nylon strap. Light-weighted. Extra durable. Pleasant to wear. Finely stitched. Equipped with classic belt buckle and D-ring of nickel-plated steel. Blank name plate is securely riveted. Ideal nylon collar for everyday use.

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  • Specialized collar for attack, agitation training and reliable control during walking and work. For German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. Double-ply nylon. Stretch and water-resistant. Reliable and convenient to hold handle. Quick-release plastic buckle. Welded ring for leash fastening. Fine stitching. For long-term use.

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  • Nylon collar with patches on Velcro for GSD and Malinois identification. Finely stitched two-ply nylon strap. Quick-release buckle of plastic. Cast D-ring for leash fastening. Suitable for any weather. Ideal collar for working dogs. Used also for walking, training and walking. Premium quality.

    37,84 €
  • Comfortable, handy and reliable nylon collar for GSD, Malinois and Belgian Shepherds. Made of two-ply nylon. Stitched for additional durability. Convenient quick-release buckle is of steel. Welded D-ring is for leash attachment. Hardware is rustproof. Nylon is non-stretching and waterproof. Excellent collar for everyday use!

    30,25 €
  • Handy nylon dog collar with large plates for German Shepherd, Malinois, Tervuren and similar breeds. Light-weighted, super strong and very comfortable. Rustproof plates shine like a true silver. Secure belt buckle and D-ring of nickel-plated steel. Excellent design and top quality. Perfect for walks and training sessions in any weather.

    37,84 €