German Shepherd Collar Nylon with Quick-Release Buckle

Everyday collar for German Shepherd and Malinois. Surprisingly easy to use. All-weather. Quick-release. Perfect for outdoor activities. Lightweight, easy to clean and extra strong nylon. Special plastic buckle with secure mechanism inside to put on, take off the collar with one click. Easily adjustable. Cast D-ring for a lead. Quality at low price!

23,90 €

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How to Choose Neck Size

How to Measure Your Dog for the Collar

Measure please the dog neck's circumference first

The distance between holes is 2.5 cm, and the full adjustment range is 10 cm

The size will be by usual leather and nylon collars (not for 2 layer collars) on the third hole. So you will have the opportunity to adust the collar in accordance with your dog's body condition.

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