German Shepherd Puppy Collar, Leather, Engraved Studs

Fancy and cute leather collar to walk your Malinois, Tervuren or German Shepherd puppy. Narrow leather strap. Strong, flexible and durable. Worked out edges. Decorated with tiny chrome-plated studs. There are flowers engraved on each stud. Buckle and D-ring are also chrome-plated. Amazing style and super comfort in one collar!

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24,09 €

How to Measure the Dog for Good Fit Collar

First, write the accurate dog neck size (circumference) without not adding anything.

Our works' experts will take into account all the points regarding the dog neck size.

The dog neck size is the size of the collar at the centre hole (C). You will surely see additional holes each on the distance in one inch to adjust its size if your dog grows (D, E) or gains/loses weight (A, B) .

If your dog is a puppy or young, consider that it will surely grow and write us the age, breed and sex of your dog inthe comments to the order.

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