German Shepherd Collar "Victory Ode" FDT Artisan Brown Leather

Are you looking for an unusual but comfortable brown leather collar for your four-legged friend? Then this model is just right for you. This collar is carefully hand sewn of high quality materials and decorated with magnificent round ornaments that will surely pay much attention to your dog!

57,50 €

Weight 190 gr - 590 gr
Materials Soft genuine leather
Design Extraordinary
Handwork Yes
Metal Fittings old-style brass plated steel hardware
Easy Adjustability Yes
Where One Can Use This Dog Collar use to walk everyday and to visit public places
Colour brown
Reliable riveting Yes
Decorations' Material Old silver-like plated studs
width 40 mm

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How to Choose Neck Size

How to Measure Your Dog for the Collar

Measure please the dog neck's circumference first

The distance between holes is 2.5 cm, and the full adjustment range is 10 cm

The size will be by usual leather and nylon collars (not for 2 layer collars) on the third hole. So you will have the opportunity to adust the collar in accordance with your dog's body condition.

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