Chic designer leather collar with lichen and paddingfor German Shepherd

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How to Measure the Dog for Good Fit Collar

First, write the accurate dog neck size (circumference) without not adding anything.

Our works' experts will take into account all the points regarding the dog neck size.

The dog collar you specify when ordering is in the first hole of the buckle in the two-ply collar if the collar is not rolled up. When the collar is rolled up, the specified neck circumference is at the second or third hole of the buckle.

If you choose a neck size of 55 cm, this size will be the second or third hole of the buckle (B or C) when the collar is on the dog's neck. However, when the collar is unrolled, its length due to the buckle corresponds to the first hole (A).

If your dog is a puppy or young, consider that it will surely grow and write us the age, breed and sex of your dog int he comments to the order.

Pay attention to the fact that the two-ply dog ​​collar is solid and heavy.

Materials Soft genuine leather
Design Elegant
Handwork Yes
Colour black, brown, tan
Decorations' Material Old silver-like plated studs
width 40 mm
D-Ring yes


Guten Tag. Ich bin mit der Größe meines neuen Halsbands zufrieden. Sieht toll aus. Danke, dass sie alles für mich erledigt haben. Beste Wünsche

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